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My Life's Message To You
12.10.2009 @ 01:51

My Life's Message To You

Ever since I was little, my life was a shattered web of heartache.
When I was old enough, I always came to Georgia to spend the a week each summer with you and my mom. Those were my weeks of reprieve. You had no idea of your one week each summer taught me what a Dad was REALLY like.

When I was hurting, and felt utterly alone....silently, you were there.

When I was confused about how life should be...silently, you were there.

When I had thoughts of ending my own life...silently, you were there.

I acknowledge you Dadda Jim for what you are....my silent, watchful guardian.

My father I always will hold dear to my heart and will love forever. Our frank talks, our thoughts on how things should be, lessons learned by me. I promised you yesterday, my mom is a gift. A gift I know you cherished. A gift I will take care of like I know you want.

I love you Dadda Jim.

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